Assessment and Treatment

We are a friendly physiotherapy service who will work with you to assess, diagnose and treat your injury, pain or problem. Taking you through a guided verbal assessment initially,  to establish your symptoms, then move onto an objective physical assessment. We look at how you move, check balance and coordination, assess whether you have any strength deficit or imbalances and carry out any other tests we feel appropriate to get a comprehensive picture of what's going on. This will allow us to ascertain your goals, establish a recovery strategy and set you up with a rehabilitation programme to get you back to full functionality. We use hands on manual therapy treatments such as joint mobilisations and soft tissue techniques to complement your exercise programme.

Looking at the body as a whole

Here at Nutt's Physiotherapy we appreciate just how important it is to look at the body as a whole. We will assess and look at overall movements, we won't just concentrate on one isolated joint where symptoms are present. We may well ask you to work on the movement & strength of your hips or thoracic spine to help alleviate a pain in your knee or ankle for example. The human body is a complex organism, not discrete bone, muscle or connective tissue systems, but a complex network of systems all interacting and dependent upon each other. Understanding how these systems work together enables us to provide excellent assessments, treatment and education for you as a patient.

Strength and Conditioning

Being able to treat you at Studio 360 (Billericay) or the Virgin Active Barbican (London), both state of the art gyms, enables us to push you one step further. Both are friendly environments, where we can maximise your performance.  Whether you are familiar with a gym environment or not, we make sure you feel comfortable and happy during our sessions.  We deal with people of all ages, including people in their 80s, with a variety of physio requirements including rehabilitation following surgery, sports injuries, workplace injuries or who simply want to become stronger & fitter to work more efficiently thus preventing injury.
We have full use of a track at both gyms, sled pulls, prowler pusher, battle ropes, punch bags, box jump equipment, machine weights and a plethora of free weights, kettle bells and resistance bands. 
Rehabilitation programmes will never get boring for you and we always have room for progression here given the variety of equipment available.

Sports Massage and Hands-on Treatments

We offer sports massage sessions which are ideal for helping to keep your muscles prepared for sports or just for everyday life stresses.
For sedentary workers sports massage to your neck, back and shoulders can alleviate stress and tension or help with long standing headaches.
Receiving a sports massage from a trained physiotherapist means that clinical techniques such as: joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and manipulation can also be utilised if deemed appropriate. 
Sports massage uses deep pressure techniques which are thought to help improve blood flow, improve lymph circulation, bring more nutrients to muscles and connective tissues, reduce muscle soreness after exercise and can improve muscular range of motion. 

Domestic Visits                        

We offer home visits to anybody who cannot get to us at either location. Elderly clients who need practice walking or with stairs, or need one to one tailored exercises carried out in the comfort of their own home. We can bring equipment to you.  
Please contact us to make enquiries regarding availability and prices.

Price List (Billericay):

  • £50 Initial Assessment and Treatment (45 minutes)
  • £40 Follow Up Treatment (30 minutes)
  • £70 Follow Up Treatment (60 minutes)
Sports Massage
  • £40 (30 minutes)
  • £70 (60 minutes)
Personal Training
  • £50 (60 minutes)

For London prices please call or email

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